Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneak Peek...On Location
FLAVOR Magazine Photoshoot

Large Mason Jars hold Sylvie's freshly cut hydrangeas....
I spent yesterday morning styling several tables for a FLAVOR Magazine photoshoot at the lovely home of Sylvie Rowand of Laughing Duck Gardens and Cookery.  FLAVOR's gifted photographer was Molly Peterson of  mJm Photography, who I have always enjoyed working with.

It was a gorgeous morning with a slight cool breeze, a refreshing respite from 95+ degree weather here in Virginia. A truly perfect day to work outside.

My first of three tablescapes was to be a casual gathering of friends, a little rustic and a little chic, and really easy for anyone to emulate. I used an array of specific items from my shop to create the soothing ambiance for the table and then added pieces of nature from around the house such as grapevines, leaves, and hydrangeas.  Everything needed to be a pretty backdrop to the main event, Sylvie's delectable dishes.  Nature was all around in this setting, so it was fun to be able to bring some of that feeling to the table itself.

Here is just a little peek at what to expect. These are all my own photographs. Molly's final photos I'm sure will wow you! Sylvie Rowand's food column, along with several photographs from this shoot, will be in the upcoming AUG/SEPT issue of FLAVOR Magazine, so be on the look out!

Close-up detail.....
Almost complete, waiting for Sylvie's delicious food to be served up.......


  1. Lovely, Joanie! I snapped a few pix of you while you were working on the table tops (and will e-mail them to you), but then got busy finishing the plating so I never really had a chance to really take in the final results.

    I am so glad you were able to do this and hope we can collaborate more in the future.

  2. Thank you for taking photos of me working, Sylvie! It was a gorgeous morning to be working outside, that's for sure. I am looking forward to more collaborations with you! ~ Joanie

  3. Beautiful,Joanie!
    Carol B in Texas

  4. Thank you, dear Carol. I'll be seeing you soon! ~ Joanie