Sunday, September 29, 2013

Equestrian Style French Tablecloth Designs

Le Jacquard Francais just introduced some amazing equestrian-inspired designs in their 2013 Fall Collection. In all the many years I have been selling these exquisite cloths, I do not recall LJF ever creating an equine-themed design. They have incorporated all sorts of animals and exotic birds in their past tablecloth designs: giraffes, elephants, tigers, cheetahs, toucans, pheasants, and lions, just to name a few. The imagery in "manege" is really beautifully done, and they resemble antique etchings of horses, equine gear, and show regalia. 

"Manege" comes in three colorways and a variety of sizes.  I particularly love the beautiful "Hermes" color above. I could almost wear this!  

Check out all the stunning tablecloths online and in our Main Street shop in Washington, VA. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Tea Towel Designs from Le Jacquard Francais

As the cool air of fall comes to Virginia things are heating up in the shop and gallery! So many shipments of new and exciting products. I am excited to be writing today about one my favorite things: New French Tea Towels!

The Fall 2103 Tea Towel designs from Le Jacquard Francais take their inspiration from nature, tea, and delicious French delicacies.  The color combinations are sumptuous and autumnal, and the imagery beautifully executed. 

Take a peek at the following tea towels, and be sure to check out to view the huge variety of exquisite French towels we offer. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Paintings by ROB BROWNING

Contemporary realist Rob Browning just brought in some new paintings to our gallery. We have had several shows of his work over the years and I really love his technique and style. 

Rob received his formal art education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (1974-1979).  His artwork is included in many public and private collections and has been used commercially by clients including:  General Electric, ITT, American Airlines, Disney Enterprises. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Romance of VIETRI Incanto

We are getting ready for fall here in Little Washington, Virginia!

The air is cooler, the skies are bluer and clouds are a fluffy white. 
Time to be preparing for holiday entertaining. 

VIETRI is now part of our tabletop collection, all designed and produced in Italy. 
We have INCANTO and LASTRA now available online  as well as in our Main Street shop. And more designs are coming! This particular post will be about the beautiful "Incanto" design.

I am in love with the romance of the four designs of "Incanto". They bring to the table pretty baroque curves, antique Venetian lace, ruffles of the Adriatic Sea, De Medici dots and stripes, all inspired by Italian art and architecture and all ceramics hand formed.

With over 40 accessory pieces and home decor accents to choose from, you can create endless combinations to suit your individual style. Incanto is microwave, oven, freezer, dishwasher safe and handmade of terra marrone, a duarable Italian sculptor's clay, in Veneto. 

Here are several inspiring tabletop shop displays, using both passion purples and neutrals from Le Jacquard Francais table linens. These should help get your creativity going!

Holiday entertaining is right around the corner, so it's never to early to place your orders of VIETRI, which can be drop shipped directly to your door. 
Ordering is super easy from our website.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shop Vintage Moroccan Rugs: One of a Kind

Robert recently hand-picked a small selection of amazing vintage Moroccan rugs and they are now available online and in our shop and gallery.  We had many requests for these rugs and Robert found some beauties.

If you are not familiar with these designs here is a little back story. Moroccan rugs are created in the High Atlas, Rabat, Eastern and the Atlantic plains regions of Morocco. They were actually created for personal use (as sleeping beds), and the symbols on each rug had specific personal meaning and were intended as protective elements.

The rugs we now have in the gallery, all created c. 1940, have kept the authentic character of the areas they are woven in and are unique. They are woven by Berber tribes, living much as they have for 100's of years, and are remarkably diverse in style though all sharing the geometric elements of a naive folk aesthetic.  The rich colors or simple monochromatic designs, in addition to the thick pile, are ideal for both rustic and contemporary interiors.

We love them. Here are more examples of the vintage Moroccan rugs Robert just brought in. Do you have a favorite? I love the primitive blue diamond pattern above! Want to visit Morocco some day? Click on this cool travel site I found and check out all the exotic sites.