Sunday, July 20, 2014

something new has arrived in town

Robert and I have opened an exciting new business across the street from r.h. ballard shop & gallery, and it is called artifacts-on-main.
Sculpture and objects for the home and garden, including unique and vintage architectural elements from the US and Europe, and also functional outdoor containers and furniture. 

Nol Putnam's iron sculpture,"West 3 Wind" 

We have been passionate about architectural elements for many years and have always sold them at r.h. ballard shop & gallery. Well, now we get to sell both outdoor sculpture and larger iron and architectural elements in a much larger venue. 

Hans Gerhard, iron sculpture "Mirror, Mirror"

I am personally fascinated by hand carved sandstone and terracotta from another era. Just using one vintage piece to your garden or home adds history and warmth.  I love thinking about who designed these amazing elements, who created them and installed them on the buildings that are now not here. These decorative elements are one way of keeping a bit of history alive after a beautiful building is gone. The spirit of a building remains alive, just in a smaller way.

My Mom liked to tell a story about when I was a baby in St. Louis during one hot summer. She would sit with me outside (me in a crib) underneath a large oak tree in our back yard. This particular summer there were several construction workers building a house next door. They would all wave at me and I would smile and laugh. Mom said I would just sit and watch quietly as they hammered away at the house, and eventually I would fall asleep in the crib. I still love watching homes being renovated or being built, and I became a "This Old House" junkie when it was first on television. 

Finding and picking all of the iron, ceramic, sandstone,and terracotta elements for our new business is incredibly fun and rich with discoveries. Robert and I sourced many suppliers of salvage and vintage pieces throughout the United States. Most items are one-of-kind, vintage or antique, and hand-carved. When possible, we acquire a set of 2 or more elements from the same demolished building. Perfect pieces for designing a garden wall or for re-purposing as a table base, or even using as a stand alone artifact in a home or office..

 I hope you will come and visit our new shop in Little Washington. We are located in an outdoor setting right on Main Street in the middle of town. You can also check out our website. Here are a few more enticing images below from artifacts-on-main.

Vintage Art Nouveau Iron Gate

Iron Trellis created from old stair railings