Monday, October 14, 2013

"Show of 6" : Oct. 19 - Nov. 10, 2013

An exhibition of new and diverse paintings, sculpture, and works on paper by 6 area artists will open at our gallery on Saturday, October 19, and run through Nov. 10, 2013.

The work above is a new painting by Patton WilsonA few select artwork from this art show can be viewed below:

Wire Sculptures by Janet Brome 

Works on Paper by Thomas Mullany: 
works on paper and other medium can also be found on our website

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Artist MARK POSS

We have beautiful paintings by Mark Poss now in  the gallery and also available on our website. The painting above is entitled "Mystery".

Mark's artistic influences include 17th Century Dutch, 19th Century French - Corot in particular, and 19th Century American, with George Inness as the major player. Artistic influence in the abstract world include Gerhard Richter and Clyfford Still.

 For more information and to see more of Mark's work, click here: