Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspire Me! Inspiration Board Fever

I have always enjoyed the creative process and learning from designers and artists as to how they get inspired. For instance, what methods do creative minds employ to keep their stimulating energies alive and percolating? And, where can you draw inspiration from when you really need it?

The above image is from amrandomupdates-decor via blog.effortless-style.com. Lots of tactile inspiration here, florals, fabrics, photos and magazine clippings. Such an explosion of delight and enthusiasm. It's as though the inspiration board was embracing the world. All of the objects and furnishings underneath the board only add to the liveliness. The re-upholstered French-style settee is wild and wonderful and gives a creative-fun feeling and exuberance to the space.

I recently went hunting to find beautiful and "inspiring" inspiration boards and found quite a few amazingly creative boards from designers, artists, stylists, business women, all which gave me more fabulous ideas on how to use these ingenious personal displays. A personal favorite of mine is below from www.trendey.com.

www.trendey.com: Love the use of rustic chicken wire with an elegant gold frame, clothes pins, retro 60's chair and vintage desk. The hanging painter's apron is a great touch.
All of these inspiration boards are so wonderful in their uniqueness and individuality. No two are alike, nor should they be. These are all taking-off points for the creator's next design project, photo shoot, personal party, art show, or rotating photo display. Or, they could be your jumping-off point to create something unique and all your own.

Perhaps you need words and inspirational quotes to get you to the next level? What are you working on? What do you want more of? What colors and inspiring images or places in your life make your heart beat faster? This is the ideal space to let your love of something be evident and transparent--to you. Perhaps you want more color in your home and need a lively inspiration board filled with your favorite magazine clippings. Allow some of these inspiration boards to help guide you towards the next step of building your own world of beauty, joy and grace. And by all means, have some fun! 

From www.ruffledrose.com.  A traveler's memory board with tickets, postcards, playbills, menus, gallery cards, and a personal collection of objects.

www.dearhancock.com via www.designsponge.com: Gwendolyn Mason's inspiration board.

www.pinterest.com: fabrics, family photos, embroidery, needlework, jewelry, pinks and creamy colors, shabby chic inspirations.
www.jordanferney.blogspot.com: Jordan Ferney's board in her letterpress studio in San Francisco.
www.juliasroomfordessert.blogspot.com: Contemporary photography, fashion, graphics images.
www.meohmymama.blogspot.com: Lots of baby pictures and love here, topped off with a beautiful, personally monogrammed chair. Who couldn't get inspired here?
www.parisapartment.wordpress.com: Covering an entire wall with inspiring artwork, illustrations, prints, watercolors, and several color charts.
www.johanna-vintage.blogspot.com: a Swedish stylist's board.
www.decor8blog.com: a color story board of grays and yellows.

From www.estemag.com: Australian magazine featured this board, black & white photos, pottery, objects, very cool vibe created with black/white/grays.
www.decor8blog.com: several colorful textures, objects, and lots of tactile inspiration.


  1. What a fantastic collection of inspiration boards. Surrounding yourself with the things you love and find inspiring fuels creativity...beautifully!

  2. Thank you Kate! Appreciate the love.....:)

  3. This must be one of my favourite blog posts! Such a lovely collection of inspiration boards that I can look at time and time again and still see different things. It certainly inspires me with mine!

  4. Thank you, Ms. French Chic & Shabby (you have a fabulous site as well!:) I totally enjoyed the writing and gathering for this post. Really appreciate your comments! ~ Joanie Ballard

  5. Adore these! So inspirational- makes me want to turn my design office into something more ..... flamboyant! It's given me an idea that everyone in the office should do their own inspiration board adn we can put it on the wall - will they be game enough? Let's see! :) thank you for sharing such gorgeousness

  6. Francois, I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. Perhaps everyone in your interior design office would really love to create their own boards! Sounds rather fun, no? Thank you again for your kind words. ~ Joanie Ballard

  7. You have inspired me, I have board's envy!!!