Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a Chalkboard Jungle Out There

In the past few years it has become more and more popular to use chalkboard paint in one's home, office, child's room, or kitchen. Magazines have been filled with chalkboard images, there are numerous websites/blogs devoted to the magic of it, and gosh darn it really does give a room a youthful school-room vibe. It's especially great if you have children as it allows a perfect spot for drawing and dreaming -- and your other walls might actually remain somewhat clean. And older children, such as myself, can splurge on doing a bit of graffiti too now and then. It can be a great place to release the inner child or inner artist, or a great place to organize your daily duties.

There are an abundance of ways on how, where and in what form you can use chalkboard paint (take a peek at the list of links at the end of my post). The more artistic and fun the better.

Go crazy and create your own custom color of chalkboard paint by following Martha Stewart's method.  Or, Hudson paint has the distinction of being recommended by many as they have a variety of colors to choose from:


Or go the bold route and use black, my personal choice. I am very partial to the use of black chalkboard paint as it lends itself to being very dramatic, gutsy and chic, all at the same time.

Here are a few interesting images that just might inspire you to paint at least one wall with this amazing paint. I particularly love the first image here....frame your own spice rack?  Why not?

 image by Tom Leighton, styling by Sally Conran via
Links of interest:


  1. Fun, fun! Love the bathroom especially.

  2. Thanks, Michele! I like the bathroom wall too. BTW, really enjoy following your blog My Notting Hill, and thank you for adding MAISON de BALLARD to your blog roll. Have a great weekend! ~ Warm Regards, Joanie Ballard