Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Childhood Memory Through Photographs

I awoke this morning to find this montage of old black and white photographs. Here I am at 5 years old in St.Louis, MO, looking very fashion forward in my cute Sunday-best ensemble and hanging with my BFFs. It was a sweet surprise from my sister.

For the past couple of years my sister Maureen has been diligently and lovingly digging through a multitude of boxes filled with photos, journals, letters, birth announcements, obituaries, playbills and ticket stubs. She is compiling a record of our family history. To say that her job has been daunting is an understatement.  My mother has been helping her with names, dates and locations of photos, filling in all the important family data that none of us would have known.

My mother took all of the photos above and actually most of the photos of our childhood, and according to Maureen there are thousands of images to sift through.

Love and memories come through old B&W photos and also the sweetness of the past, an innocent era. Take some time, find those old photos and share them with family and friends. They will surely open your heart.


  1. It really is wonderful of your sister to take on such a daunting task.

  2. Thank you Jenny Lynn, she is the best sister anyone could have...