Monday, March 21, 2011

Mandela Clothing Line
46664 Apparel Launches August 2011

Clothing line 46664 Apparel with Nelson Mandela's hand as logo.
by Joanie Ballard

This is a most surprising and inspiring idea I have heard of in a while.

Nelson Mandela, Nobel Prize Winner, anti-apartheid icon and fighter for social justice, has started a new clothing line that will help support his charities and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and also bring attention to the clothing and textile businesses of South Africa.

The clothing line is called 46664 Apparel, named after Mandela's inmate number at Robben Island Prison. This is a brilliant concept that brings not only attention to important social issues but also work and financial support to a struggling clothing industry.

According to the 46664 website:  "The launch of the 46664 Apparel is a significant step in 46664’s pursuit of the sustainability needed to take forward the humanitarian legacy, social justice projects and global awareness and prevention campaign, of its founder, Nelson Mandela..." in particular it's 46664 Aids Awareness Campaign.

According to Achmat Dangor, a 46664 board member, "46664 has evolved to become more than a global HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention campaign.  The work of the organization encompasses Mr. Mandela's humanitarian legacy as well as confronting and inspiring action to address the broader social injustices in our society. To do this effectively, 46664 needs reliable and sustainable income streams, something we believe 46664 Apparel can significantly contribute to." It is important to note that "this is the first global apparel brand to emerge from South African and is designed to stand along side the world's most high-profile brands."

The brand's logo is an embroidered palm which symbolizes Mandela's hand.  Here are several images from the men's and ladies' wear clothing line set to officially launch in a stand alone store in Johannesburg, August 2011, with international distribution planned for 2012.

Images and Websites Credits:
46664 Apparel
Nelson Mandela Foundation

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