Saturday, March 5, 2011

La Rochere "Beeware" at R. H. Ballard:
Since 1475, Made in France

La Rochere Bee Rocks Glasses
by Joanie Ballard

A few years ago when I was first starting the business I was enchanted by the lovely French Bee glassware made by La Rochere and wanted to bring it into our shop.

La Rochere is France's oldest glass maker and is world renown for producing quality, affordable glassware. I loved the weight and beauty of these lovely French glasses and dishes.  I discovered that each item is machine made at very high temperatures producing a glass the is both crystal clear and durable. This heavy duty glass is sturdy and perfect for everyday use. It is both casual and elegant and dishwasher safe. It is difficult to find anything on the market that compares to the longevity of this glassware, and I love it!

 In doing more historical research I found that this line of glassware has a history dating back to 1475 when Simon de Thysac founded the glassworks factory in a small rural area between Champagne and Alsace. The business endured many years of wars and destructive fires, but the buildings were always re-built and the business continued to grow. In 1858 the business was purchased by François-Xavier Fouillot, and his descendants continue to run this amazing glassware company today.

Why the bee symbol on the glassware? Historically the Bee was the symbol chosen by Napoleon to represent his reign and was also found on a traveling glassware set belonging to him, thus the term "Napoleonic Bee."  It has since been used decoratively on fabric, glassware, pottery, flags, ceramics, you name it.

Here are some great images from our website of this divine glassware. Or go here now and start your shopping.

Bee Water and Wine Glasses

Bee Shot Glasses
Bee Pitcher

Bee Coupelle Bowls

Bee  Cereal Bowl
Bee Plates: Chargers, Dinner, Salad
Large Bee Carafe
Bee Votive and Candle Holder - dual purpose!

For more information and see all that La Rochère is currently doing in glassware design visit their website."


  1. I love those glasses! They have such a good "hand feel", sturdy & casually elegant. Thanks for the link to the La Rochere glassworks website too: reading its history was fascinating, and their collection is amazing and amazingly diverse - from architecture to jewelry.

    and something else Joannie - thanks for the list of very inspiring blogs that you provide. Had a chance to glance at some and what visual feasts they are!

  2. Thank you so much, Sylvie! Appreciate your kind words. It's a fun blog for us and we try to post those things in our life that are inspiring to us and what we think others might want to know about. The word "design" seems to fit it all: art, food, fashion, home decor, music, theatre, architecture, product design, and shops (to name only a few areas of our interests). Hope you will continue to enjoy the discoveries with us! Warm Regards, Joanie Ballard