Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Your Guinness On!
Iconic Advertising of an Esteemed Beer

by Joanie Mullany Ballard

In celebration of all things Irish today (I am mostly Irish, Mullany is my maiden name), I am posting a few of my favorite vintage ads from the famous GUINNESS beer brand.  I love good advertising, the kind that is truly artful and solidifies a brand in the public's consciousness through clever and unique imagery and phrasing.  These colorful and graphic artworks were instrumental in how we think of GUINNESS today.

I am posting images from the 1930's through the 1960's, and it's interesting how little they actually changed visually through their bold-block typography and repetition of their most popular phrase "My Goodness My Guinness".  The use of animals (ostrich, seals and kangaroos), and some Dali-esque imagery have an almost surreal quality at times--the beer foam smiling face trying to sip the last drop of Guinness comes to mind.

But in the end, these are all fun and amusing ads and they really make you want to grab a pint and make a toast (although responsibly, of course)! Happy St. Patrick's Day!






1961, the last of the animal ads...





1961: typography changes along with a more 60's style composition of the poster
Book I recommend: with great information on the history of Guinness: Guinness, An Official Celebration of 250 Remarkable Years , Hachette Pub., history, ads, recipes.

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