Friday, February 18, 2011

Springtime & Garnier-Thiebaut Towels

photo by Adam Jones,

It may be February 18th, but the weather this week in Virginia has been balmy and delightfully Spring-like. The photo above is a perfect depiction of  my imagination these days.....flowering dogwood trees set against a deep azure sky....peaceful and rejuvinating.

Which brings me of course to the lovely colors of new towel designs introduced by Garnier-Thiebaut. Why think of towels and springtime?  Because I've never met a French towel I didn't like, and there are some stunning new spring designs that make me only think of warmer weather and fluffy white clouds overhead.

Here are some yummy images of Garnier-Thiebaut towels now in our shop and on our website. Which design says springtime to you?


~  Joanie Ballard

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