Monday, June 25, 2012

Large Size French Table Linens in Demand

Who would have thought that the term "large" could become so popular? Well, in this case "large" is not only better, it is a preference.

In our casual survey of friends and customers, we have noticed that people are chosing large tables for their home dining. And thus, as many of our clients entertain often, we have noticed an uptick in the requests for longer and/or wider tablecloths.

To respond to the increase in customer demand in our shop and online, we have created a special area on our website devoted ONLY to Large Size French Linens.  A large tablecloth is defined as 75" or more in width and at least 149" length.

Our most popular sizes of tablecloths from Le Jacquard Francais and Garnier Thiebaut have a standard width of 69" inches or less, and most have a length of 98" or 126". These sizes have always been available and continue to be very sought-after.

Here are a few examples (including the above "Romance" design) of the beautiful large size French Jacquard Linens that now available in online at r.h. ballard.

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