Thursday, April 25, 2013

Appalachian Fieldstone: Hand Chiseled Granite Bowls & Soap Dishes

Granite Soap Dishes by Kevin Day

Kevin Day is a stone mason who lives in Woodville, Va.  He has worked with rock for over 40 years here in Rappahannock County, Va., building foundations, chimneys, walls, homes, among many other things. His wonderful wife, Hazel, emailed me one day to ask if I'd be interested in seeing some of Kevin's cool rock bowls.  I said sure.  Kevin came in the next day with some amazing looking bowls of all sizes, from soap dish size to fruit bowl size.  They were made from rock he had found on his farm over the years, from old stone walls and piles built by settlers along the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Rappahannock County, Virginia. They represent Grenville-aged basement rock and are approximately one billion years old. They are also called Applachian granite. 

Each stone is unique and not until the grain is exposed does Kevin realize how the bowl will look. The initial shaping is done with a a diamond-cutting blade and then the pieces are hand chiseled, ground and sanded to their final finish.  A water based, food-safe granite sealer is applied to the finished bowl for luster.

We sell these amazing soap dishes on our website, and we have numerous other shapes and sizes, cheese platters, mortar and pestles that we sell in the Main Street shop.  The soap dishes work great in a kitchen or bathroom and could also just be used a beautiful decorative piece. Stop in or check out our soap dishes online!

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