Monday, March 18, 2013

New Italian Cocktail Glasses from Zafferano

Robert and I love discovering new European products. We found some unique and elegant Italian purses, ceramics and glassware on our recent buying trips this past year. 

A new addition to the shop are several colorful cocktail glasses from the well-known Italian glass manufacturer, Zafferano, which now grace our shelves. Bright, cheerful and ready for a warm spring/summer party, these glasses are exceptionally sturdy and artistically produced. We fell in love with their sparkle and vivid color.

Federico de Majo is the artist of these vibrant creations.  He was raised in his family's vetreria on the isle of Murano. Federico was immersed in the beauty and craft of the glass blower's art and soon became the factory's in-house designer. He left the family business in the 1980's, but has continued his work designing hand-blown and artistic glassware.

His  enjoyment of good wine led him to set up a company dedicated to the design and production of tasting glasses. Glasses of the Zafferano collection are mouth blown and hand crafted by skilled workers using age-old techniques.  Every item turned out by this craft-based method is unique. No two pieces are exactly alike.

There are many colors in this glass line, and our cocktail collection is sold in six assorted hues: aquamarine, orange, amethyst, hunter green, cobalt blue and yellow. These beautiful glasses are now on our website! Of course you can also visit our lovely shop and gallery to see them up close and personal! 


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