Friday, November 4, 2011

A Big Art Fest Here in Rappahannock, VA

New Painting by Patton Wilson

The Artists of Rapphannock Studio & Gallery Tour

Every year on the first weekend of November we have a Big Art Tour, or what I would call a Big Art Love-Fest.

What this means is that a couple thousand people descend upon our little, lovely area and visit all of the art galleries and open studios to view amazing art, purchase amazing art, and basically have a fabulous time.

This area of Virginia has been called the "Soho of the South", and for good reason. Lots of artists live here and also make a living here. Not on the scale of Santa Fe, NM, but it's still something to write home about, especially in such close proximity to Washington, DC. Lot's of genuine charm, beauty and hipness exudes from this mountainous area, and it is filled with talented artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, photographers, printers, glass-blowers, iron forgers, textile designers, potters, furniture designers, jewelry designers and more.

The Artists of Rapphannock Studio & Gallery Tour begins at the Fire Hall Gallery (yes, a real Fire Hall) in Little Washington, Va.  Here visitors pay a $10. donation fee and can view a representation of all the artists on this tour in a lovely gallery setting. The art tour supplies a beautiful and easy to read map of the entire area. There are docents available to help you with directions and such, although I must say it is pretty easy to get around here. There are helpful signs everywhere on the roads and at the specific art sites--every art site is well-numbered. You can enjoy your art outing and not stress out about getting lost. Check out their facebook page for more information.

Our particular gallery, R.H. Ballard, carries several Rappahannock artists who have made a solid reputation in the art world.  I love all of the artists we represent and think you will too. Here are a few of their works currently on display this weekend.

Jeff MacNelly (of "Shoe" fame) Bronze sculpture of Winston Churchill

 Nora Harrington, "Wood's Edge"

"Restaurant" by Vivianne de Kosinsky

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