Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiring and Magical Interiors
and Outdoor Spaces

Water World with Gustavian interior, image: Jennifer Stock, Pinterest
I was recently doing research on home interior photography and came across images of rooms and exteriors that were inspiring and what I would call "magical." I wasn't looking for them, they just appeared as I clicked through interesting blogs and websites and I thought I would share them with you.

I like it when "magical" spaces take you to a far away, dreamy place, sometimes romantic or colorful and fun, sometimes breathtaking, but always surprising, beautiful and other-worldly.  A fantasy place, of sorts, a vacation for the mind--which we all need now and then.

Today is your day to enjoy and dream away!

Inspiring use of candles and tealights for weddings, image:
Magical arboretum with reflecting pool, image:
Secret garden, image:
London Ferris Wheel at twilight, image: pleasingaesthetic.tumblr

 Dreamy patio space...image:
Moroccan inspired indoor lounging space for romance, image:
Bohemian napping porch, image: shannoneileenblog

Into the Woods: Bedroom nook hidden under the trees, image from weheartit
Treehouse Village, image:
Dreamscape: crumbling building with billowing turquoise fabric, image:  AGiftWrappedLife blog
Stained glass windows reflection in mosque, image:
Lights of St. Remy, France. image: unknown origin.

 Cave of Crystals in Mexico, image:
Sleeping in the trees with a lamp and book...Photos for Good Mood by Elena Zhuk
Gothic installation piece from Beautiful-Portals on tumblr...Romeo and Juliet?
Romantic evening for two.... from sweetie pie pumpkin noodle


  1. These are truly inspiring places and dream worlds. Beautifully collected - thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Petra! :) ~ Warm Regards, Joanie Ballard