Tuesday, January 25, 2011

J'Adore Dior

Christian Dior
I am so obsessed with color, especially when it's done really well.

No, we haven't started selling couture clothing in our shop and gallery (hey, you never know), but I was fascinated by this lovely Christian Dior image of spring fashion, and especially love the color palette and rich textures. 

After going to the Accessories Show in NYC recently, I can attest that these are the shades of things to come this spring. I can pretty much guarantee you will find these lovely colors splashing across the fashion spectrum this year, especially in spring & summer scarves.

Our shipments are coming soon, and I will post some lovely images of them when they do!

~ Joanie Ballard


  1. Great image! Loving this color combo!

  2. Thanks, Ms. Zhush! It is a divine combo for sure.