Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Beautiful Blizzard of 2009

I love snow. 

I lived in Boulder, Colorado, in 1981 and loved every minute of snow--except when it lasted until May 1st...I moved in June.

But here, in Little Washington, Virginia, the snow is a little different. It's lovely, soft, fluffy and fun. At least this time. And yes, I am in Heaven. The blue, is very blue.  The white, is brilliant. And at night, the stars can be a reading lamp...I think I was a happy Russian in Siberia in a previous life.

Driving into work this morning, after being plowed-out of our driveway in Amissville by a happy drive-by snow-plow-guy, I was giddy with delight at the site of barren, white, frozen fields and mountains that are my home in Rappahannock County. I was so happy, so in love with the peace that snow inherently brings to me. It's quiet. It's tranquil. There are only a few cars on the slushy roads.

We drive up to the shop, and voila! Not so bad. Easy to shovel out the front for our customers (not many around, but I don't care because it's gorgeous!).  We settle into the shop, check all the vitals, and start to work.  There is always something to do, even on snowy days when hardly anyone is around. I finish our Christmas cards, answer some emails, post a few things online, and do a bit of work on some display ideas. Love this day.

Thought I'd share some images of our shop & town. I hope to add a few more images tomorrow, for as you know, I love the snow.



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  1. I am having fun today scrolling through blogs and looking at pics of the blizzard...these are beautiful!