Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amazing New Egyptian Rugs

In searching for interesting new rugs for our shop I came across reproductions of Mamluk rugs from the 15th century. These rugs are made in Egypt where the original rugs were produced using natural and eco-friendly dyes and a wool warp and weft and a tight knot structure.

A little history: Mamluk sultans ruled from their capital in Cairo, Egypt, from the time they acquired power from the Ayyubids in 1250 until their defeat by the Ottomans in 1517.

The designs that were used have no precedent and died out upon the Ottoman takeover of Egypt. Fewer than 100 examples of antique Mamluk rugs exist today and most are fragments.

Megerian, an Armenian and Egyptian based rug manufacturer, researched the designs of these ancient rugs and has created superbly hand knotted examples of what was lost to time. These designs are similar in feeling to Islamic tile designs and, with their geometric patterns, predate rugs that later relied on more floral references.

Megerian Brothers is the most respected American firm weaving rugs in Egypt today, and considered among the most respected of all rug makers. The Megerian family has been in various facets of the rug business for almost 100 years, and have won numerous awards for their rug production quality and designs.

We are happy to have found such historically

significant and beautiful rugs. Eventually they will be on our website, however, if you are in the area

please stop in the gallery and take a look.

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